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pod třešní (2007)I cannot begin my story with „I have grown among sighthounds“ or „sighthounds have always been a part of my life“!

Until several years ago sighthounds were all Greek to me. Already as a child I loved dogs and was interested in diverse dog breeds. Unfortunately, my parents were not passionate cynologists, so West Highland White Terriers became our tetrapod friends. There was no debate of any larger breed. There was a notion in our family that it is no good to keep a big dog in a town flat. How then began my „Sloughimania“?

Sloughi appeared in my life almost by a chance. Already after university and working I was browsing old volumes of the magazine „Pes - přítel člověka“ („Dog - human’s friend“) , that I had borrowed in a library in Kolín. I was looking for interesting things and spending time. I found an article about Sloughi breed by Dana Rosulkova. Sloughi charmed me by its expression of „sad gazella“ and beautifully built body at first sight. aginka - kuk duben 2007A hope started to develop inside of me: „ I wish I could have such an animal“.

After reading this article I seriously decided that I would get this breed once. But it was a future wish and I had no idea that I would fulfill my dream in a year and a day. Immediately I started to search for information on the Internet. Unfortunately, I found on the Czech webpages only a couple of basic information. That is why I was carried away by the photogalleery on German pages DarEssloughi. The face of Vahdani Nuri al Baida was the one that has been deeply written into my memory. If was attracted to Slouhis also by the desire for unknown.

v sadu ii

According their history Sloughis were for me something like dinosaurs (obviously, with the difference that they have not become extinct).

My favourites then have become the light sand ones without the black mask. I did not know any Sloughis in the Czech Republic and I did not come to exhibitions. Suddenly an advertisement to reserve a puppy appeared in a cynological magazine. So, I called the number and met Jana Tomesková, who kindly provided me with the essential information. But the purchase of a puppy I had to postpone due to the lack of cynological background.

good appetiteSeveral months later I found another advertisement. Immediately when I saw the photograph of the mother of puppies, I knew that it was the very moment, to get the puppy! C’Chemala Bohemia Genao was the beautiful light sand Sloughia. I was not much interested in the exhibition titles, even though C’Chemala had got a lot of them. Father of the puppies Dukal Umm Bersheba’s el Abid was the same colour, direct import from Lybia, champion of beauty in several states.

When the breeder Lenka Malinovská assured me about the racing qualities of the puppies, I could not have resited. In the „A“ litter there was the only "yellow" bitch and owing to my instancy I got her. I was totally happy. It was the end of August 2004 when I brought my little princess home - Agalella ag Dalvit.


Klara with Farah, Agalella and Isham

ve svatebním 2007


Resting time

hajáme spolu

Relaxing in the garden

 říjen 07





27.12.2008 Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year 2009!

9.12.2008 AYDIN Laila Tiaba

Photos for nice day :-))

25.11.2008 Allisha´s photogallery is updated!!!

We have just updated Allisha´s photogallery!

16.11.2008 International dog show - 15th November 2008

Look at new show results of our "babies" - ALLISHA, ANAWE and AL HAKEEM!

16.11.2008 Asalah Laila Tiaba in Calendar

In 2009 ASLA Calendar you can find portrait of ASALAH Laila Tiaba! Click here to see image!

We are very very pleased! Thank you very much for such a photo!


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