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všichni miláčci

Recentlly I own two sloughis  – a female Agalella and a male Isham. In 2008 I became proudly co-owner of little Al Hakeem, our bred guy. My sister Klara owns a female Farah. Each of our sloughis has a completely different character and completely different advantages as well. They are experienced in travelling, exhibitions and in sporting activities. They accustomed to share everydaylife worries and pleasures with us.

But there is one thing common to all of them – they are perfect companions, that misbehave all the time. Living next to such an animal makes everyday life exceptional. I will never tire of looking at the playing sloughis!


So come in and meet our four sloughis - bitch Agalella ag Dalvit, bitch Farah Bohemia Genao and male Isham Bohemia Genao and Al Hakeem Laila Tiaba!!!


 agi portrét náhled Agalella Ag Dalvit
 ffarah portrét 2 náhled Farah Bohemia Genao
 shadi portrét náhled Isham Bohemia Genao 


Al Hakeem Laila Tiaba







27.12.2008 Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year 2009!

9.12.2008 AYDIN Laila Tiaba

Photos for nice day :-))

25.11.2008 Allisha´s photogallery is updated!!!

We have just updated Allisha´s photogallery!

16.11.2008 International dog show - 15th November 2008

Look at new show results of our "babies" - ALLISHA, ANAWE and AL HAKEEM!

16.11.2008 Asalah Laila Tiaba in Calendar

In 2009 ASLA Calendar you can find portrait of ASALAH Laila Tiaba! Click here to see image!

We are very very pleased! Thank you very much for such a photo!


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